Win Your Friends Back!

Time flies, people change. I have had many friends, and lost them too. Very normal, right? That’s life. But, do I really want to just let them go and not doing anything about it? Well, it depends whether they are toxic or not. Even so, I have several ways to win my friends back.

  1. Reach them first and ask how they are doing. Are they good?
  2. Catch up. Tell each other stories and pretend for a moment that everything is okay between us.
  3. Tell the truth about how my friends and I feel toward each other. Be brutally honest. Hurt each other, scratch the wound, and accept it.
  4. Start healing each other’s wound. Be supportive, be forgiving, and be kind. After all my friends and I used to be living life together for a while.
  5. Hug and laugh with them. Joke about the old times and learn something from that together. I never let my past define what I am now. I am the one who choose who I want to be; I am the one who choose myself.
  6. Remember important days, like birthdays, and celebrate it. Or at least congratulate them for it. Every person likes to feel recognised by others.
  7. Catch up with them again randomly. What happens out of the blue are often remembered for a long time that the ones which are not.
  8. The most important thing: I’ll show my true colours. Once again, tell and show the truth throughout the words, the gestures, and everything. I’m about to win my friends back. It’s going to be useless if I’m being fake.
  9. If being with them makes me down or makes me hate myself again, I won’t bother hanging out with them. Why should I? It won’t do me any good. I won’t punch myself too hard anymore when I’m making mistake; there’s no use. And if having them around makes me feel like I’m punched in the gut, why bother?
  10. Mentally prepare to all those things.

Now if you ask: did you do that? Nope, not yet. Will you do that? Maybe yes, maybe no. I don’t know yet. Having friends around is fun, but being alone is fun too. Besides, it’s perfectly normal to lose friends because, eventually, my way of thinking will be different from my old friends. I will make new ones (and already did), who have the same goals or interests as I do. I’m going through that transition, when all my friends are now reaching their dreams. I’m doing that as well.

Losing friends is okay.
Winning them back is awesome.
Separating my way with theirs while knowing we are all running toward our own version of happiness is perfectly heart-fulfilling.


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