My Way

Hi. I’m listening to Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Go listen to that as well!

2016 has been the most emotionally-exhausting year of my life, no kidding. I had ups and downs which were as unpredictable-but-can-be-predicted-as-well as global market charts. On the first half of 2016, I was living nightmares; thankfully life became better and better as months went by.

It was a hell of a year: I jumped into and dragged myself out of that hell with my eyes covered. I love myself for having a courage to jump in, yet I hated myself as well for being blind and stupid. (Note the different use of tenses.) I never regret though; I learn a lot by making mistakes.

However I think 2017 will be exciting! (No, exciting is not a right word. Gotta be more than that!) I am going to try new things like trading, investing, and building a business–things that I have never thought I will be doing before. I am going to travel, work on my final project while doing classes at the same time (yes, I know), and make more money (yeaaah). It’s a year of exploring and creating!

I have explored a lot, but now is the time to give time and effort to do what I like to do since I have nothing to stop me!

Yesterday I met my friends, which consists of 5 people including me, and I felt a peaceful happiness when I listened to their stories about traveling, family, and love life. I also felt, I don’t know, nostalgic? Bittersweet? Because I know that sooner or later we will go our ways, will not see each other that often (even now, not so much), and everything will be different. It is expected to happen, but knowing it will happen doesn’t make me feel any different. This is the transition phase that I am always thinking of: feelings fade, people change. We are going to speak in a different “language” and meet people who speak the same language as each of us.

And that would be very fun! (: We can share a lot more different things, make each other gains new knowledge when we share stories about our new worlds, and be closer than ever because we know we are still the same even though we live a different worlds.

Because, deep down, we know that our ties are stronger than friends. Yes, people come and go, but family stays.



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