The Best Life Hack I’ve Ever Known (I’m Not Bullshitting)

This post feels a lot like self-reminder somehow. I read lots of life hacks. I love life hacks; thought it's easy to do and could get immediate results (which is not true, sadly). Some life hacks are bullshit (maybe because I don't put it into action), but some others are actually so obvious but never come across… Continue reading The Best Life Hack I’ve Ever Known (I’m Not Bullshitting)


Sound of Sunday Mornings

(I wrote this based on today's Daily Prompt: Sound. Enjoy!) If you were to ask me, "What is the difference between Sunday and any other day?" I would certainly say, "It is the sound." I still live with my parents, who have two houses: Weekday House and Weekend House. Their real house is the Weekend House (I mean,… Continue reading Sound of Sunday Mornings