For My Dearest Friend

I dedicate this post to a friend of mine, Rizky Ayu Ryani Putri (as known as Uti), who is always there for me for ten years. I have never met someone who is as patient, brave, and humble as her. I just want to reminisce, if you don’t mind.

I met her when in middle school, first year. We were in the same class and sat in pairs – she always sat in front of me. We and our chair-mates were inseparable.

(Unfortunately both of us don’t contact them anymore because they had been accepted to different high schools; it’s harder to reach them.)

Middle school life is weird, I think. We bullied each other, Uti and I, along with our chair-mates. I applied wet correction pen on my table. Usually when either of those two turned around to face me, she would put her arm on my table and, voila! Her hand would be all fair and white. 😃 We did it all the time when we had nothing to do. Sometimes we watched our seniors, the “popular” ones, playing basketball and we daydreamed we would date them someday. (Never mind it never happens, but at least they knew me – because of the dumbest thing I’ve done and I’d rather not write about it lol.)

Uti was, and maybe is still, the clever one. She was a member of Mathematics club (I mean, Mathematics club?? I would never be a part of it haha) and joined some competition if I’m not mistaken. She has a fantastic voice as well, and joined a student’s choir. I didn’t do any school activities beside classes back then – I either hung out with friends or went straight home.

Years after, we went to the same high school, but we never had a class together. Still, we met each other now and then and caught up a lot. Moreover, we used to hung out often in our last year, three with the other friend. It was nice, when we had nothing to worry besides boring classes, boring teachers, and thinking how we can get good grades while still have much time to hang out. Time flies fast.

Here we are, now in our last year of university. SO many stories – there was good time, bad time, and so-so time. I threw shits. She fucked up. We know each other’s ups and downs – sometimes I don’t even need to explain because she already knows. Sometimes I don’t need to ask because I can tell by seeing her face.

She is a hell of a girl, in a positive way. She’s very humble and kind, yet she can’t see it herself most of the time, makes me want to smack her just to make her realise that she’s that great. She’s brave; willing to sacrifice herself for someone she loves (which is an asshole because he took her for granted). But she’s very patient. Very, really, extremely. She has been dealing with the guy we love but we hate the most for God (and she) knows how long. She’s pure at heart – and she really deserves to be happy for a long time; not a short while like she’s having right now, and currently taken again quickly.

She has been sick for more than a week, now in the hospital near our campus. We still don’t know what’s wrong with her; the doctor is still making some diagnoses to the point when I begin to wonder his credential. I only can hope that all is going to end up well, for her. (But isn’t hope the root of all disappointments?)

God may hate me but please You have to love her, enough to make her happy again. Content, at least. Would you do her one favour?



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