Hey yourself. How’s life? 🙂

Welcome to my personal blog! I don’t know why somehow you’ve stumbled here, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I write every some time, usually about my daily life, some thoughts, silly ideas, or random things which come across my mind. If you’ve talked with me before, you’ll know that I ask a lot of why–I write some of the answers I’ve found on my blog. Feel free to comment on my writing; I’d like to know what you think as well! Or you can also ask me as much “why” as you wish and I’ll be glad to answer. (If I can answer at all. Lol.)

One thing about me that can be easily caught your attention is my smile. (It’s not me who said this, but people who’d met me.) I don’t know why, just ask my friends! Also I’m open to meeting new people and sharing ideas (cliche but it’s true). However, this is a bad habit of mine: it’s easy for me to make new friends, but hard to maintain the old ones. Do you have the same issue? Please share if you know how to tackle it. :’)

Enough rambling. Please enjoy my blog. Should you want to talk with me, just hit me on Facebook. See you when I see you!

Working on being my best self


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