For My Dearest Friend

I dedicate this post to a friend of mine, Rizky Ayu Ryani Putri (as known as Uti), who is always there for me for ten years. I have never met someone who is as patient, brave, and humble as her. I just want to reminisce, if you don’t mind. I met her when in middle school, first year.… Continue reading For My Dearest Friend


This is When I Tried to Understand God’s Perspective

I’m always asking, “Why does God create us?” What does He want? Doesn’t He have anything to do and want something to play with? Does He feel lonely? Are we all a mere experiment to Him? A huge nonsense? What’s the point of Heaven and Hell, if those even exist? Why would He create us,… Continue reading This is When I Tried to Understand God’s Perspective

The Best Life Hack I’ve Ever Known (I’m Not Bullshitting)

This post feels a lot like self-reminder somehow. I read lots of life hacks. I love life hacks; thought it's easy to do and could get immediate results (which is not true, sadly). Some life hacks are bullshit (maybe because I don't put it into action), but some others are actually so obvious but never come across… Continue reading The Best Life Hack I’ve Ever Known (I’m Not Bullshitting)

My Way

Hi. I'm listening to Frank Sinatra's My Way. Go listen to that as well! 2016 has been the most emotionally-exhausting year of my life, no kidding. I had ups and downs which were as unpredictable-but-can-be-predicted-as-well as global market charts. On the first half of 2016, I was living nightmares; thankfully life became better and better as months went by. It… Continue reading My Way