Sound of Sunday Mornings

(I wrote this based on today’s Daily Prompt: Sound. Enjoy!)

If you were to ask me, “What is the difference between Sunday and any other day?” I would certainly say, “It is the sound.”

I still live with my parents, who have two houses: Weekday House and Weekend House. Their real house is the Weekend House (I mean, they actually own it. Meanwhile, the Weekend House is only rented), but my family and I often stay in the Weekday House because it is closer to our schools and workplaces. Besides, the Weekday House is bigger and more open–it has more windows, has wider front and back yards, and does not have a fence. It makes me feel like there is no barriers between me and my neighbours, and it is a nice feeling. Moreover, I like to meditate on my backyard because it feels very peaceful there. 😉

Anyway, there is one thing that I really hate about the house: it is always noisy in the morning! I am always waken up by the blaring sound of telly (Mom always turns it on every morning to wake up everyone), the loud banging of Mom knocking my door so hard… I have no idea why everyone and everything seem to make loud sounds every morning. It never fails to ruin my morning! I always wake up groggily, often still sleepy but cannot go back to sleep. It sucks.

Except Sunday mornings!

You know what, there is this one weird thing about Mom: she does not want to rent the Weekend House because she feels hard to trust other people to live there. Thus, the house is just left unused for 5 days a week which, for me, is illogical because she has to spend money for weekly maintenance (and has to do cleaning frenzy as well–actually that is what she does every time she comes there), and it is such a waste of time and money. The house becomes a liability, not an asset, if you know what I mean. I have suggested to rent the house several times and hire a maid to help her clean the house, but she just would not listen. Whatever, Mom. Lol.

Anyway, I have gotten one advantage out of Mom’s weirdness: I can have the whole Weekday House for myself every weekend! (I always choose to stay there because it is simply inconvenient for me to stay in the other house, only to sleep my ass off, then have to go back later.) Yes, smart people, you guess it right. What makes my Sunday mornings different with other day mornings is I can sleep as much as I want without being disturbed by the sound of telly! I know I have mentioned lots of sounds, but it is telly’s that I hate the most. When I am alone, in the morning I will be waken up only by the sounds of bird chirping or wind breezing through the trees. (Yes, it is that quiet if I am the only one who stay at home. My house is located at the end of the road, so no one passes by with no reason.)

It feels like Day of Silence every time I am home alone. Haha!

Well, that is a teeny tiny bit of my daily life. Now that I write about it, it seems silly that I am annoyed by small things such as the sound of telly, and can immediately feel relaxed and satisfied after I turn it off. How about you? 😉