How I Am Making The World A Better Place

I made the world a better place by teaching English to 'difable' (different-ability) therapists so now they can serve foreigner patients in a more appropriate way. I mean, now the therapists do not have to use body languages to ask patients to do something such as taking off their clothes or laying down on the… Continue reading How I Am Making The World A Better Place


Things That Make Me Happy to be Alive

I am happy to be alive because I have a chance to meet this person who is sitting in front of me right now. We studied at the same high school and we were on the same student club. Junior Red Cross, it was. I also had a same class with him for one semester.… Continue reading Things That Make Me Happy to be Alive

Para Perakit

Beberapa hari yang lalu, teman saya bercerita tentang salah satu kota di Cina yang menjadi pasar elektronik terbesar di dunia, Shenzen. Katanya, kalau kamu ingin memiliki sebuah iPhone, kamu bisa saja membeli komponen-komponen inti dari ponsel tersebut (baterai, layar, dan lain-lain) dan merakitnya sendiri. Seseorang pernah melakukannya dan berhasil. Biaya yang ia keluarkan tentu lebih… Continue reading Para Perakit

My Way

Hi. I'm listening to Frank Sinatra's My Way. Go listen to that as well! 2016 has been the most emotionally-exhausting year of my life, no kidding. I had ups and downs which were as unpredictable-but-can-be-predicted-as-well as global market charts. On the first half of 2016, I was living nightmares; thankfully life became better and better as months went by. It… Continue reading My Way